Cash is a super cute dog who needs a fenced in yard which we do not have. We rescued him so he did not go to a shelter. They said he is 10yrs old but he has the energy of a much younger dog. He is house and crate trained.
This is a vinyl 12"x56" mat that takes a few batteries. You place it on your sofa, or some other furniture, when you are trying to train your young cat, or dog, to NOT jump up. When/if they do, the mat sends out a shrill noise that scares them back to the floor. In the original box. Lightly used. No wear evident.
She is 8 yrs old but acts like a puppy. She is very hyper and super friendly with everyone even strangers. The only person she has tried to bite is her veterinarian. She will need a muzzle for veterinarian visit. Never had a problem when I took her grooming at petsmart. She has to be trained to be around other dog. So her new owner can not have dogs or cats. She does not jump fences but she lov...