minutes agoDoylestown, PA+63 milesItems Wanted
Hi there, I'm looking for 1 or 2 lounge chairs in decent-good condition. I can come pick up. Please, let me know. Thanks! Erica
minutes agoHackettstown, NJ+91 milesItems Wanted
Doe anyone have a working computer tower that they would like to pass on. Mine is a vista and not able to upgrade and because of that I can t open certain documents. Please and thank you
todayBronx, NY+105 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am moving and would appreciate 1-2 suitcases with wheels. Thank you.
Fountain pen enthusiast seeking tools like pliers and picks to repair ink sacs in old lever fill fountain pens. If you also have fountain pens you no longer use, I would be happy to use them.
I am looking for organic potting soil that does not hold too much mositure. I am being infested with fungus gnats for some reason and I need to repot immediately
I need mason jars of any size. If you don't need them, could you give them to me. I am reliable being on time. Thanks for your kindness in advance
Desperately in need of a working electric stove/oven. Ours quit mid-week and we don't have the funds for a replacement. Can pick-up ASAP. Thank you!
My laptop is overheating and I donated by old laptop fan. The kind you put under the laptop. So now I really need to cool this laptop off! If you have one you no longer need please consider passing it on to me! Quick pickup promised!
Looking for "Don't Break the Ice", "Catch the Fox" and/or "Operation." Would be welcomed, used and enjoyed if you have any of these and no longer use them.Quick pickup promised.
Hi, Does anyone have a portable AC that is in great/good condition that you are no longer using? I have a breathing condition and I would be glad to take it off your hands. Thanks so much!
todayQueens, NY+97 milesItems Wanted
If you have a spared E-Z Curl bar please kindly offer. I can pickup at any place and at any time.
Have need of a wet or dry masonary saw unit or a tile/brick saw blade for a home project. Thank you!
Looking for a desk for my daughters apt. Preferably dark wood with a couple of drawers. Thank you.